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Long, long time ago, many centuries in the past, when nobody knew the taste of raspberry juice, the Vikings set off for an expedition whose aim was to acquire a mysterious specific, bolstering vigor especially to women who complained about a ‘headache’ too often. They had swum seven seas before they reached the ‘Yellow Land’, a land flowing with milk and honey, but neither milk nor honey were the aims of their expedition….

And so today we have the opportunity to rediscover the deliciousness of the Spice, when centuries ago fierce battles were fought on the “Yellow Land” to obtain it. Albeit, the genuine recipe is still known only to a few.

Spice has been developed over generations with the aim of stimulating and mesmerizing the taste buds. Spice has a bouquet of flavors and a distinctive do they make ww2 replica watches? aroma carefully refined by us over many years.

During the development of the Spice we decided that it’s you the customers that are most important to us. This has lead us to include you in every step of making Spice the sophisticated taste it is now. Spice is a drink mixer that can be used in many drinks and cocktails and we are always experimenting with many more.

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We at Spice4Drink are extremely grateful for the growing circle of friends and enthusiasts that have helped spread this great taste to the world.